24 May 2007

Gone Fishing

I'll be out of town for the next week, so there won't be any new postings here. However I have submitted some things elsewhere, so if you're dying to read some of my stuff, check out the following.

A Look Back: Recent Twins Draft History, Part I was posted yesterday. It includes a look at the Twins first round picks over the last fifteen years and some discussion of those prospects.

Series Preview in Blog: Toronto Blue Jays will be posted at Stick and Ball Guy on Friday morning. However I have not written a preview for the White Sox series that starts next week. Check out Round 1 or Round 2 for some Sox links.

A Look Back: Recent Twins Draft History, Part II will be posted next Wednesday (5/30)
. It's a look at Twins draft picks populating the farm system.

I will post the series preview here when I return, but go read it now before it gets stale.
Thanks for reading, and I'll catch you when I get back.

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Anonymous said...

Your preview is missing and I don't know what happened to it! Do you have it available to post again?????