11 June 2007

Series Preview in Blog: Introduction

The Series Preview in Blog started at the beginning of this season. As I surveyed the Twins blog landscape, I wanted to start my own little corner of the internet, but I wanted to contribute something that wasn't readily available elsewhere. There's plenty of excellent recaps and analysis sites out there, so instead I wanted to take a look at what the Twins opponents are discussing entering their series with Minnesota. So far I think it's been going well, with enormous thanks to Stick and Ball Guy for allowing me to publish it on his site as well.

I will update the following list as new series previews are published here and link to this post from the sidebar. Thus, this will function as an archive for all the posts in this series. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

Series Preview in Blog:
AL EastAL Central
Baltimore Orioles (4/2-4/4)Chicago White Sox
Boston Red Sox (5/4-5/6)Round 1 (4/6-4/8)
Round 2 (coming soon)
Round 2 (5/8-5/10)
New York Yankees (4/9-4/11)Round 3 (7/6-7/8)
Round 2 (7/2-7/5)Round 4 (coming soon)
Tampa Bay Devil Rays (4/12-4/15)Round 5 (coming soon)
Round 2 (5/1-5/3)
Toronto Blue Jays (5/25-5/27)Cleveland Indians
Round 2 (6/25-6/28) Round 1 (4/23-4/24)
Round 3 (7/23-7/25) Round 2 (5/15-5/17)
AL WestRound 3 (7/27-7/29)
Los Angeles Angels (6/4-6/6)Round 4 (8/27-8/29)
Round 2 (7/20-7/22)
Round 3 (8/10-8/12)
Detroit Tigers
Oakland Athletics (6/1-6/3)Round 1 (4/27-4/29)
Round 2 (7/12-7/15)Round 2 (5/11-5/13)
Seattle Mariners (4/17-4/19)Round 3 (6/29-7/1)
Round 2 (8/13-8/15)
Round 4 (7/17-7/19)
Texas Rangers (5/21-5/23)Round 5 (coming soon)
Round 2 (coming soon)
Round 6 (coming soon)
Round 3 (coming soon)

National LeagueKansas City Royals
Atlanta Braves (6/12-6/14)Round 1 (4/20-4/22)
Florida Marlins (6/22-6/24)
Round 2 (4/25-4/26)
Milwaukee Brewers (5/18-5/20)Round 3 (7/30-8/1)
Round 2 (6/15-6/17)Round 4 (8/7-8/9)
New York Mets (6/18-6/20)
Round 5 (coming soon)
Washington Nationals (6/8-6/10)

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