14 June 2007

How Good is Johan Santana?

June 12, 2002

Bobby Cox: Good win boys. Everybody be ready to go to the airport by midnight tonight! ... What is it?

Designated Flunkie: What do you want me to do with the file on tonight's pitcher?

Cox: Well, we probably won't play the Twins again for about 5 years, what are the odds this guy is still pitching then? Keep the file but don't waste too much time updating it.

Flunkie: Yes, sir.

J. Santana
through 6/12/02

June 14, 2007

Bobby Cox: Alright, who are we up against tonight?

New Designated Flunkie: Johan Santana, boss. Here's his file.

Cox: I see we've faced him before. And we beat him, this guy must be a pushover... Wait, why aren't there any updates after 2002?

Flunkie: Well, we didn't bother keeping tabs on the Twins pitchers since it's been so long since we played them. Looking back, that may have been a bad idea.

Cox: Hmmm, we'll just have to go with what we have then, it doesn't seem like this guy should give us too much trouble.

Flunkie: You're right, boss. How much could he have changed?

J. Santana
after 6/12/02

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