12 August 2007

That Was a Pretty Big Cliff

Presented without comment, three measures of offensive production over the course of the Twins season based on 10-game windows. (thus the data for runs per game at game 97 is the team's runs per game over games 88-97).


Batting Average

On-Base Plus Slugging

If you're interested, here's the raw data


Anonymous said...

Yikes. I wonder how it has affected the YTD averages.

-- SBG

Ray Felix, III said...

Twins seasonal R/G:

Through 84 Games - 4.8 (before South Side Slaughter)
Through 86 Games - 5.0 (including South Side Slaughter)
Through Sunday - 4.5

If the Twins hadn't scored any runs from game 86 through Sunday - 3.7

Anonymous said...

1/2 run. Wow, that's a lot.

-- SBG