12 April 2007

Twins on TV!

Big news! The Felix household has decided to purchase MLB.TV for this season. Your humble narrator will actually be able to watch most of the Twins games on TV this summer!! This hasn't happened since 3 years ago when I moved out to Chicago. Needless to say, I'm very excited, this will no doubt give me many more chances to invoke the currently undefeated Jersey of Fortune.

In other news, my Series Preview in Blog is making a regular appearance at Stick and Ball Guy on the first day of every series at 10 AM, so stop by there and see what SBG Nation has to say. I'm thinking of new series to add to this blog, and I promise to follow through on those at some point.

The Wild lost their playoff opener last night 2-1 to the Ducks. They didn't play very well for two periods but were still tied headed into the third. A strange goal in which Backstrom's own defenseman ran him over, taking him out of the play was the difference. Hopefully the Wild will play better on Friday and even up the series.

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